Best time to visit Thailand

Summary of the weather in Thailand

The question when to travel to Thailand is quite complicated. I’ll give the short answer, and later the detailed one:

The weather in Thailand is reasonable most times of year. From weather perspective, the best time to visit Thailand is during December and January. Second best is during November and February. These months are the ‘cold’ and ‘dry’ seasons of Thailand.

‘Cold’ is a matter of perspective: during July-August-September it is quite hot and humid all around Thailand. Temperatures can reach 40°C (104°F) and above. During November to February, the skies are clear, the temperature and the humidity are the lowest, making it the most pleasant months to visit Thailand. Please note that even then (the ‘cold’ season) temperatures are 25°C-32°C (°F°F) so going to the beach in Thailand’s island is not only possible but also very enjoyable.

Regarding the rain – rain can catch you in Thailand any time of the year, but it is significantly rainier during September and October. This means much more rainy days during these months, and the rain lasts longer.

Anyway, avoid the rainy season (July to October) if you can, though it is possible to visit Thailand then also (I guess better than sitting in your office at home…)

Thailand weather in different areas: North Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand Islands

Thailand’s weather is pretty the same all around the country, but, of course, there are some differences between regions:

North Thailand tends to be significantly cooler than the mid and southern areas, especially in the winter, and especially on the mountains. Though it sounds like a problem, actually most of the time it is better, as “cool” weather in Thailand’s terms is quite a good temperature for traveling and touring. Check the weather there if you plan to visit.

Thailand Islands are rarely too cold. The temperatures there vary between “nice” to very hot. We find the rain and sky clarity more important factors in their impact on your stay in the islands. Check the rainy season table below.

Thailand’s monsoons arrive around July and last until end of October (the ‘rainy season’). They can be quite uncomfortably if you plan to stay on the beach. But note that even during this period, it is not rainy all day, and even the same day can have both heavy rain and shiny skies perfect for sunbathing.

In Bangkok, temperatures will rarely drop below 20 degrees Celsius, even at night.

Thailand honeymoon weather

As most honeymooners focus mostly on the islands and plan to spend most of their time in relaxing and sunbathing by the pool or on the beach, our recommendation, in terms of weather, is November to March, though actually any time is great to be in the islands.

Thailand high tourist season – Thailand’s busy season

In Thailand, and specifically its islands, the busiest time is around Christmas and in August. Around Christmas almost all the good hotels/resorts in Thailand are fully booked in advanced, as most of the tourist there come from Christian counties. Prices, hence, jump considerably during this time (December-January) in all services (accommodation, food, tours, massages). In addition almost all the hotels make it mandatory to pay for a Gala Dinner in Christmas time or the New Year eve. It  usually appears in the hotel rate table. This period is also Thailand’s main season for local festivals.

Bottom line

 The “problem’ is that the best time from weather perspective falls exactly on the vacation period all over the world, what make it very more expensive to book and stay in Thailand’s islands. If one is flexible with the dates, the best compromise can be staying from mid November to mid December, or after the holidays – in February.

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