Do you need a visa to enter Thailand?

Most visitors would not have to make any special arrangements for a visa before arriving in Thailand.

There are two alternatives:

  1. Tourist Visa Exemption: Arrive without a visa and get a free 30 day entry stamp on arrival, which can later be extended by up to 10 days at an immigration post in Thailand. This will work if you are a citizen (and have a passport) of one of the countries that have a visa exemption agreement with Thailand. You may find the list below, or go to Thailand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ list. Note: The applicant must possess sufficient instrument of means of living expenses (10,000 Baht per person or 20,000 Baht per family).
  2. Apply to a Thai consulate for a visa before you travel. You may find details on types of visa and how to apply for them in Thailand’s Ministry of Foreign Affair’s visa information page.
  3. Generally, the normal requirement is your passport (valid for at least six months), a filled out visa request form, and two pictures. There is a fee of approximately $50 but you should check and see what the current fees are. If your passport is going to expire within the next six months, you may be required to purchase a new one.

List of countries do not need visa to enter Thailand (Tourist visa exemption)

Australia Luxembourg
Austria Malaysia
Belgium Monaco
Brazil Netherlands
Bahrain New Zealand
Brunei Norway
Canada Oman
Denmark Peru
Finland Philippines
France Portugal
Germany Qatar
Greece Singapore
Hong Kong Spain
Iceland South Africa
Indonesia Sweden
Ireland Switzerland
Israel Turkey
Italy United Arab Emirates
Japan United Kingdom
Korea United States of America
Kuwait Vietnam


List of countries that its citizens are required to process a visa upon the arrival in Thailand

Bhutan Maldives
China Mauritius
Cyprus Oman
Czech Republic Poland
Estonia Russian Federation
Hungary Saudi Arabia
India Slovakia
Kazakhstan Slovenia
Latvia Taiwan
Liechtenstein Ukraine


Visa Runs

It used to be that you could arrive in Thailand with no proof of onward travel, be granted a free 30-day entry stamp, and extend your stay indefinitely by popping over the border and back every month to renew your entry stamp. This is no longer the case. You are still able to do up to two visa runs, extending your stay up to a maximum of 90 days, but the next time you leave the country you will not be permitted to return for a further 90 days.


  1. Thailand have tightened up their tourist visas a lot the last 9 years. Too much tightening in my opinion but that is just my opinion. Be careful not to oversta – and also do not expect that you can get another toruist vcisa after you have used up your first one – or, sometimes you risk that they only give you another 10 days extension even after a visa run.

  2. What is the procedure for iranian nationals to enter thailand?

  3. My spouse and I are going there. Can’t wait…

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