How much to tip in Thailand?

Should I tip in Thailand? How much to tip in Thailand?

For most of the Thai people, tipping is not a common practice. But, with the fast development of tourist centers, it becomes more common, and even expected, that you would tip in restaurants, bars and hotels in areas with a lot of tourists. Tipping in the abovementioned places is with correlation with the “standard” or the place – the more “high-class” it is considered (rather than, let’s say, backpackers hotel) the more probable it would be for tipping to be expected. Still, tipping is not mandatory in any way.

Tipping in Restaurants in Thailand

Most mid-range restaurants and nearly all hotel-restaurants will automatically include a 10% service charge on all bills. At mid and lower-end restaurants, when paying cash, it is customary to simply leave any coins received as change for the staff as gratuity.

Tipping in Hotels

Except for the porters, tipping is not expected at the hotel, unless, maybe in very high end hotels. Tips for porters/bell-boys would be between 20฿ and 50฿.

Tipping in Taxies

Usually, taxi drivers don’t expect tips so it’s up to you whether you want to leave one or not. It is common to round the amount up to the nearest decimal number or up to the nearest 50 multiply, for example rounding 134 ฿ into 150. If you take a Tuk-tuk: usually it is not common to tip a tuk-tuk, unless you requested an “extra” service, like the driver take you all day long, or wait for you for a long time period.

Tipping in Bars

As with restaurants, it is not mandatory, but very common to round up the amount. Drinks at the bars are relatively very cheap compare to western-Europe or the US, so tipping 10%-20% would not be a big amount. In high-end bars, like hotel’s bars, it is expected to tip.


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