What type of credit card is most widely accepted in Thailand ?

All three major credit cards types are quite widely accepted around Thailand, especially in the popular tourist destinations. To be more specific:

  • Visa is the best to take, as it is the most common one
  • MasterCard is second place, almost equal to Visa popularity
  • with American Express a fairly distant third.

They are quite widely accepted but take care where you use them as Thailand has one of the world’s highest level of credit card fraud.

To be more specific, one should also ask where (which places, and which businesses) it is possible to use a credit card:

  • Locations: almost everywhere in the big cities: Bangkok, Phuket, Koh Samui, Chaing Mai, Pattaya, Krabi,.
  • Which type of businesses: in major hotels, restaurants, shops and travel agencies a credit card is almost always accepted. Of course if you go to a small, authentic restaurant or buy something from a stall, most probably you cannot use your card. The card is accepted in Bangkok major malls – in the shops, and sometimes even in stands.

Remember to take precaution measures with your credit card

Always, when you are travelling to a foreign country, keep your credit card secured. Remember always to put it in a safe and secured place: avoid leaving it exposed in the hotel room or in your wallet or bag when not watched. Avoid placing your wallet in the back or your bag when it’s on your bag and you cannot see it. Try to avoid using the credit card when the business does not seem to be trusted or properly secured. Thailand is quite a safe place with very nice people, but, as in every place in the world, there are some people trying to ruin the calm and relaxed atmosphere…

ATM in Thailand / Automated Teller Machine – use in Thailand

In all major tourist centers it is quite easy to find an ATM machine that accept one of the three major cards: Visa, MasterCard and American Express.


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