Thai Language

Before you travel to Thailand, like any country with a foreing language, it is very recommended to learn a little bit about the local language. Though in the tourist areas and businesses it is most likely to find local people with sufficient level of English to help you, it is always better to get a little bit more prepared.

Here you can find some helpful basic expressions, specially useful for honeymoon or any other travel or vacation in Thailand.

Basic Thai expressions

English Thai
Hello sa-wat dee (used for both “hello” and “goodbye”)
Thank you khorb koon
How much? gee baht
Where is …? … yoo tee nai
Where is the bathroom? hong-nam-you-tee-nai (also Where is the toilet?)
I don’t want mai ow


Basic Thai expressions for introduction 

English Thai
How are you? khun-sa-bai-dee-mai?
I am fine sabai dee
What is your name? khun-cheu-ar-rai
My name is…. phom chue….
Nice to meet you. dee-jai-tee-dai-pob-khun


Basic Thai expressions for shopping 

English Thai
That is a little expensive paeng bai
Can you make it cheaper? lot noi dai mai


English Thai
Yes chai (also ok)
No mai-chai
Good dee
Bad mai-dee
Delicious a-roi


Basic Thai blessing 

English Thai
Thank you very much kob-khun-khrap
Please ka-ru-na
Excuse me kor-tot/kor-a-nu-yart
Sorry khor toat
Goodbye lar-korn
Good afternoon sa-was-dee-torn-bai
Good evening sa-was-dee-torn-khum
Good night ra-tree-sa-was


Basic Thai expressions for language 

English Thai
Do you speak … khun-pood …?
English pa-sa-ang-krit
French pa-sa-fa-rang-sez
German pa-sa-yer-re-man
Spanish pa-sa-spain
I do not understand chan-mai-kao-jai (f) pom-mai-kao-jai (m)


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