Honeymoon in Thailand

A Thailand honeymoon is an amazing experience for all those who dare to try it. Those of you that have a liking for colorful sunsets married with exotic greenery will love Thailand.

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What makes Thailand the perfect honeymoon destination? 

Here you will be treated like a King and Queen. The staff are very attentive and are very keen to make your stay a happy and enjoyable one. Service in Thailand is exceptional and all members of staff in all hotels and restaurants have the attitude of wanting to serve in the best possible way that they can. Even the locals in Thailand are very welcoming to tourists and are always happy to offer advice and help you in any way they can.

Thailand luxury hotels

Luxury hotels in Thailand are prevalent. Honeymooners booking their Thailand honeymoon will probably find themselves overwhelmed by an exhausting array of amazing hotels in the brochures or online. There is a good chance that whichever luxury hotel you go for you will be treated well and be impressed by your accommodation on your Thailand honeymoon.

Luxury hotels in Thailand boast private villas, villas with plunge pools, or apartments with direct access to the hotel pool. There are many luxurious features available in luxury hotels in Thailand. You just need to decide what is most important to you. Even people on tight budgets will be amazed at what Thailand has to offer within their price range. There are private honeymoon retreats, hotels within easy walking distance of shopping and nightlife, or hotels with a little bit of both.

Many luxury hotels in Thailand also have a hotel spa usually run by professional Thai masseurs and beauty therapists. They will all have been trained professionally and will offer you the opportunity to enjoy their treatments at a fraction of the price that they would cost at home. From Massages to Pedicures they will be pleased to pamper you.

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What to do in Thailand honeymoon?

Your Thailand honeymoon can be an adventure holiday or a romantic getaway. Those looking for a bit of adventure will take great pleasure out of the diversity of excursions and tours available for you in Thailand. There is scuba diving, snorkeling, jungle treks, elephant rides, trips to tiny islands as well as many many more. There is never a boring moment in Thailand.

Perhaps you and your husband or wife like to go out and enjoy yourself together and don’t fancy being cooped up in your hotel room all night. In Thailand there are many resorts where a busy night can be on your doorstep. These areas are alive and kicking 24 hours per day, every day. There is never a boring moment in these areas. Your senses will be awoken by the diversity of restaurants, bars, and night clubs tempting you to enter.

A Thailand honeymoon is never a disappointing honeymoon.  Whatever your heart desires Thailand can make it happen for you and your new married partner. Together you can enjoy everything that Thailand has to offer. Together you will leave Thailand happy to go forth in your married life having had the best holiday of your life.


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