Honeymoon Itineraries

Thailand honeymoon itinerary recommendations

Thailand honeymoon itinerary recommendations

There are millions of great ways to have your honeymoon in Thailand. Want to learn all about Thailand honeymoon itineraries? Want to read about good and bad in each place? Keep reading below, and then follow the different articles in our website to plan your perfect dream honeymoon vacation in Thailand (and even start working on your itinerary through our partners).

Honeymoons in Thailand can come in many types: travelling in the north of Thailand, visiting authentic villages and stunning nature sites, visiting Thai temples, sailing through Thailand’s rivers and canals, absorb the endless charm of Bangkok, and – of course – relax and fall in love with Thailand islands’ white-sands clear turquoise watered beaches. What most people recommend is to include both visiting/touring around Thailand, and then finish in a never forgettable romantic vacation in one of the islands’ resort. This is the essence of the Thailand honeymoon.

Resorts for honeymoon in Thailand

One of the best ways, and definitely the most common one, is to go to a resort in one of Thailand’s charming islands.

What makes Thailand islands the perfect location for a honeymoon vacation?

  1. The perfect settings: white sands, clear turquoise water, palm trees, authentic wooden boats and exotic fruits. Definitely resembles most people’s vision of a romantic vacation.
  2. Great value for your money: whatever your budget is – from luxurious resorts to modest hotels, you will usually get high value not easy to get in such low cost in other corners of the world. The good value comes both in design & material and in the kindness of the service you will get.

Some of you would probably like to have activities or adventures during your vacation; No problems, you can combine both active sightseeing and indulging relaxed sunbathing in the same honeymoon vacation.


The most suitable resort for honeymoon around Thailand are in:

  • Koh Samui island
  • Phuket city
  • Pattaya city

Samui Island is the hottest location for romantic vacation for couples in recent years. It is the fastest developing tourism area in Thailand. About 20 years ago it was still a little fisherman villages island. Now you can find magnificent luxury hotels with stunning view and top of the art facilities. Some would say that part of Samui are too commercialized now. But actually every year new hotels in new secluded spots are emerging, and thud everyone can find the right balance for him between secluded to facilities.

Phuket is a different story: connected to the mainland, it is a bigger place, more crowded but with more facilities. But even though bigger, Phuket has its own magic and advantages. But most likely, for a honeymoon vacation the resort outside the city, along the coast, would be much more suitable. Visit our section about Phuket and hotels review in Phuket to learn more.

You can read more about the island in our Koh Samui section, read about best things to do in Koh Samui, or go straight to our list of reviews of Koh Samui Hotels. Alternately, you may go to our list of Top 20 Best Samui Luxury Resorts.

Pattaya – Probably the most famous Thailand location among western people. We will add a special section for it soon.


Sightseeing during your Thailand honeymoon

Apart from relaxing and sunbathing in a splendid resort, it is recommended to add a visit to a different part of Thailand, preferable in the first part of the vacation. Going for interesting sightseeing and/or exiting adventures before starting the great finale in the resort can take your honeymoon vacation into higher levels.

Recommended locations to visit are:

  • Bangkok
  • Chiang Mai
  • Kanchanabury

Recommended itineraries would be, for example:

  • A Week a resort + 2/3 days in Bangkok (for shopping), or vice versa
  • Chiang Mai + Bangkok + a Week in a resort
  • 2 weeks in two different resorts in two locations

There can be many types for a Thailand honeymoon. It can vary from a totally laid-back vacation in a luxurious hotel in one of Thailand’s amazing island’s beach resorts, in which you spend most of the time in the food-beach-sleep cycle, and up to a vibrant active vacation mixing travelling. sight-seeing, attractions, sports and a little sleep only.


Itinerary 1: Totally laid-back Thailand honeymoon vacation


Relaxing in Thailand islands

As mentioned above, Thailand’s resorts are among the finest in the world, especially considering value to cost. It is a good idea to include a resort as part of the vacation, or for all of it. When going to a resort you can still have a lot of experiences inside and around the hotel, like diving, snorkeling, jet-skiing, spa treatments, forest tours, village tours, cooking workshop etc. You can also take day tours to one or more of the many attractions (for example the Koh Samui attractions can be covered in 2-3 day trips)


Partying in Thailand islands

If you are young or still young at heart, there are many ways to enjoy all types of nightlife activities. The main locations (like Samui, Phuket, Pattaya) have variety of nightlife activities to offer: from local and specialized restaurants, impressive bars for enjoying drinking and hanging around and up to dance-bars and night clubs with vibrant parties.

If you love to hang out, you will probably find yourself partying at night, awaking late morning, having breakfast on the beach restaurant and then hang out on the beach all day long.

Note: If it sounds to you that these destinations are quite crowded noisy and happy through the night – well, it’s true. But it is not a problem: in each of these locations you can find quiet and secluded places, as well as places located just next to the center of the scene. Pick you place wisely. Well, that’s not a problem either: we reviewed these places for you.


Itinerary 2: One Island’s Resort + Bangkok Tour

The most common combination – Staying in one of the finest resorts on any of Thailand’s islands or beaches, and completing it with a few days tour in Bangkok, for shopping and sightseeing, before or after the resort vacation. This combination is great for enjoying both worlds, and also as gap filler in case your flights are not flexible enough for your needs.

There are many things to see in Bangkok. Also, it is a great place for shopping. The best recommendation, of course, is to mix both:

Shopping in Bangkok

In Bangkok you can find any type and style of shopping: from electronic gadgets (original or not), apparel (branded or not, western or oriental, cozy or tailored), shoes, sports gear, souvenirs, travelling equipment and also authentic local stuff like exotic food.

Biggest centers:

  • MBK shopping center – Bangkok’s most legendary shopping mall. Very big, and sells everything. Also, it has a variety of entertainment zones: restaurants, cinemas, massage.
  • Siam Paragon mall – Similar to MBK, but with a bit more glam and fashion
  • Pantip Plaza mall – Computer and electronic heaven for gadget lovers
  • Chatuchak Weekend Market –  15,000 stalls with everything you can imagine
  • Khao San Road – started as a backpackers’ street in the past, but evolved into a unique experience for all
  • Mansion 7 – a “boutique thrill” mall.
  • Central Department Store Bangkok


Sightseeing in Bangkok

It would take hundreds of pages to describe all that Bangkok has to offer for a tourist going for sightseeing. We will list here the most popular and recommended ones:

  • Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaeo)
  • Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho)
  • Grand Palace & Old City
  • Temple of the Dawn (Wat Arun)
  • Chao Phraya River tour
  • Chinatown (Yaowarat)
  • The Floating Market


Itinerary 3: The “Thailand Circle” tour vacation

If you have more time (than one week) and want to see more of Thailand, another popular itinerary is North Thailand –> Bangkok –> Islands.

In north Thailand you can visit Chiang Mai, with its amazing green mountains scenery and unique relaxed atmosphere, and also take day tours to interesting destinations like Kanchanaburi.

Most people set base at Chiang Mai, and taking the tours from there. Allow 3 to 5 days, at least for visiting the north.



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