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Koh Samui is the third largest island of Thailand after Phuket and Koh Chang. Thanks to its efficient international airport that made it reachable within an hour from Bangkok, it is the most rapidly growing tourist area

The verity of Samui resorts

In Koh Samui there are many resorts, of many types. This way, anyone can find the specific resort best suitable to meet his individual preferences. Having this vast variaiety of options to choose from, can cause the decision making be a though and long process. In this article we will try to help you sort out the assortment of Koh Samui resorts.

Koh Samui resorts can be classified according to several dimentions: price, from lower ones to luxury ones; location: from resorts located in the heart of Samui biggest centers, to secluded locations resorts; atmosphere: from quiet romantic boutique hotels, to a fully fledged sport & entertainment resorts, which are also close to the heart of the rich night scene of Samui. We’ll try to help by describing Koh Samui in general, and how Koh Samui resorts are spread around the island.

Koh Samui main beaches

Koh Samui is an island of 228.7 km2. In terms of the touristic aspect, it has the following main villages in which most of the resorts and hotels are located in:


Chaweng is the major beach on Ko Samui and the most popular. With plenty of hotels and resorts, restaurants, spas, discotheques, bars and shopping facilities it is the main tourist center and nightlife area.

It is the one that has been developed the most rapidly and significantly in Samui since the 1990’s. This development has both the pros and cons. Pros: in Chaweng you can find almost everything: all types of resorts, dozens (or maybe hundreds) of restaurants, a lot of shopping centers, impressing night life, travel agencies and every facility that a traveler muight need to enjoy his or hers vacation. On the other hand, its vibrant nature and popularity might be too much for people seeking for intimacy and secluded quiet area. Having said that, though, I would like to emphasize that still it is a unique place and not as crowded and urban as Phuket is, for example. In addition, Chaweng is the closest to the airport, though it is not a significant factor in this small island.

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Currently Lamai is second popular beach after Chaweng. Lamai has been for years the getaway of more ‘hippy’ people from the fast-developing Chaweng, but with time it has developed itself, and turned into a stylish resort center for finely designed hotels and other facilities. It might be, for example, more suitable for honeymooners or couples looking for intimacy and peace, yet with a fine verity of restaurants and quiet night life.

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Smaller and more peaceful and laid-back from the two above, Bophut has its own charm. Its magic emerges mostly from the little fisherman’s village located along the beach, very close to the resorts area. Having a romantic candle-lit dinner in one of the resorts on the beach and then strolling towards the fisherman’s village with its unique small boutique shops, cafes, restaurants and bars, is the essence of the Bophut experience.

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Samui Resorts by price – cost

Luxury resorts:

Mid-prices resorts:

Value priced resorts and hotels:

  • Ark Bar Beach Hotel
  • Al’s Resort


Samui resorts by location

Resorts location close to centers:

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Secluded resorts:

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